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About us

Barks & Bones Boutique is family owned and operated full service pet grooming salon. Our top priority is the comfort and care of every fur baby that comes through our doors. We have been serving the Rancho Cucamonga, CA area since 2008 and hold a high reputation for the care and services we provide to our clients.


We cater to fur babies of all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds. We separate ourself from the competition by providing a quick, yet comfortable and calm grooming session for your fur baby. We provide special services for senior pets, as we understand they have special needs and may become stressed from being away from home for long periods. We provide quick and effective services and encourage immediate pick-up to help pets whom become anxious when away from their family. We also offer services for aggressive pets and aim to rehabilitate them and help them to learn that pampering can be fun and a daily part of their lives.


Our pet stylists all share a common love and respect for all pets and their parents alike.  They are trained and up-to-date on all grooming trends and the proper care of our clients. We keep a record of the hair cuts and grooming specifications for your convenience. A specific style can be created for your pet based on your specifications to suit your lifestyle. We offer breed cuts, specialty cuts, De-shed services and even creative styling and coloring.


The products we utilize during the grooming process are high quality shampoos and conditioners chosen to suit your fur baby’s needs. The products we use are wheat and gluten free, paraben free, pH balanced, non-toxic, biodegradable, vitamin and protein fortified, and always gentle and mild for sensitive skin.


We recommend that your fur baby remain on a schedule depending on the breed and style chosen. A good schedule is often to keep a standing appointment every 4 to 6 weeks, but we do have clients that prefer to come in more frequently.


We urge you to call us or drop by with any questions or concerns. Call us to make an appointment today!

“We appreciate your friendliness and rapore with Jazmine."  ​

Jeanne, Jazmine's owner


" It was my first time and I really like this place. Had and amazing service. I am taking my dog Zero back to this place."  ​

Anarda, Zero's owner


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